New Technology: Kodak 9000 3D
(High-Resolution Cone Beam Computed Tomography)

Our Kodak 9000 3D is an extraoral imaging system that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of complex endodontic cases. The system produces low-dose, high-resolution three dimensional CT images.

In the 3D mode, the Kodak's 9000 3D's unique limited field of view limits radiation while providing studies of small areas of the teeth and jaws. Reconstruction of the images results in high-resolution cross sectional images for more accurate diagnoses and improved treatment planning.

Images can be transferred to a CD, emailed, or printed onto photographic paper.

The Kodak 9000 3D limits radiation dosages to the rough equivalent of four bitewing radiographs, depending on the region of study.

Our 9000 3D also takes high resolution panoramic radiographs.

More information is available from the Kodak 9000 3D web site.

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